My blog has become a casualty, the misconceptions, fears, stereotypes and how others see it has become a big issue that is greatly affecting me. I will keep on writing and outputting my minds thoughts on PTSD.

Peoples reactions to the unknown are horrendeous and the human being can be an unpredictable character when confronted by the unknown. This has only affirmed my lack of trust in fellow humans, made me ponder how people tick, and wonder at the working of the human race.

On the same street in Boston you had 2 people set on killing as many as possible, and stood near them were people who ran to help disregarding their own safety. Seing these people lined up on a street beforehand, if you had the chance to meet them all and speak to them, I doubt you’d pick them out. It is good to know there are others willing to help in times of tragedy, regardless of their safety or future wellbeing, I send a huge thanks to those people!

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