2 Ton

Well my super strength kicked in today, lifting 2 ton of chuckies! Ok, not at the same time but over a couple of hours I moved the chuckies from my trailer to the garden I’m currently renovating into a low maintenance garden. Plenty time to think over my other projects, one of which was to construct a 70m wall about 5ft high, increasing the car park area by 5ft and reducing the slope in the grass area above. My thoughts are now heading towards the cages full of rocks instead, much safer should it be hit by a forklift or lorry.
This evening I was in the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen supporting The Friends of Anchor at the Anchorock event. Really great night away from the house, and some really nice people in attendance.
Tomorrow I’ve quite a few tasks scheduled, I’ve got penned in a scarify across in Bridge of Don, collection of a cross trainer, a trip to Dobbies for coffee & chat with a friend, and pickup some border edging, and weedkiller spray, I’ve also to try fit in a shopping trip to Aldi & ASDA, going to be a busy day.

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