Well after a lot of thinking I’ve decided to start putting my thoughts down on my blog again and connect with you once more. However I will keep details a bit sketchy as I know there will be people following this blog who have every intention of using anything they can against me, but at least I’m not the one with skeletons in the closet I’m trying desperately to hide!
Currently my medication is steady and I’m feeling quite good about it, and I’m now into a good routine of taking them, when things wee being added, increased, changed I was in utter confusion not only to what I was taking but when. Luckily I found an app that’s available on both Android & iPhone that helped greatly. It’s so simple to add your prescription, dosages & times and it reminds you when & what to take.
Med Helper App
Things during 2014 were quite tough for me but nearing the end of the year I took a giant step to my inner happiness. I sold my house in Aberdeen, right in the city centre surrounded by thousands of people, and purchased an old farmhouse and steading building up near Dufftown, the nearest neighbour being about 1/2 mile away. I’m surrounded by beautiful countryside and the most magnificent view from the front of my house up towards Ben Rinnes.


How beautiful is that?
With a acre of ground my intentions are to have livestock. Pigs for fattening for slaughter, Chickens for eggs, meat, breeding for sale, Geese for security, ducks for eggs and the shear hell of it, and quails for their eggs. Plus a couple of orphaned lambs from the local farm if available.
This is a fantastic place for relaxation and getting away from all the stresses & strains of life. My only other method of pure relaxation before was naturist holidays to a beautiful beach area in Spain called Playa Vera. I can’t be doing with the noisy Britain style holidays of drinking, English food, British papers, and daily rush for sun loungers. Instead I stayed on one of the resorts many gated villa sites. These sites are beautiful, relaxing and quiet. Many villas are privately owned with a few rented out. Residents are mainly Dutch, Germany or Scandinavian, ranging from young couples, to families, to elderly residents who stay most of the year. Everyone is friendly, ask if you need any shopping when they’re heading out, or offer you a cold drink when passing. The most amazing thing is that everybody is completely naked and natural, and enjoying life. There’s no pressure to have the latest designer t-shirts, shorts/trousers, gadgets, nor is there a rush for the sun loungers. If loungers are busy people take their own seats or just lay out on the grass while enjoying the pool. I’ve met quite a few really nice people from various professions, trying to guess someone’s profession in a naturist resort is extremely difficult. I’ve met nurses, chefs, councillors, and even a Spanish family from Basque region who the husband made windscreens for the European car market, and who’s daughter played for Athletico Bilbao (that explained her superb ball skills when playing volleyball).


Stripping off gives you the freedom of also stripping off all your stigmas, fears, worries, traumas, burdens, and leaving them in a pile on the floor along with your clothing. I’m not sure exactly how it works but at least for me I know it does, and that’s proven by the good nights sleep I get while there. Unfortunately it’s only occasionally, and then only for 2 weeks. Imagine you only got your medication like that, or if the doctors could prescribe that feeling in a tablet form 365 days of the year.
There’s even research been done that proves the skin as an organ has millions of receptors, these receptors take in the environment and are processed by the brain, a section that’s usually stifled by clothing or footwear. Imagine constantly having on thick gloves and loosing that feeling of touch from your fingertips!
Barefoot Research


Luckily I’ve been able to go about bare foot, but hopefully at my new property I’ll be able to enjoy naturism to its full for longer than 2 weeks a year.
Everybody is different, I agree, and it might not be for you, but give it a try at home, you might be pleasantly surprised, your more than welcome to mine during summer too (could do with a helping hand feed the animals).
If you wish a better description of naturism listen to this young lady and her Dad explaining it on YouTube

YouTube Naturism Explanation
Take Care



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