Past Week

Not sure what happened but I spent a good hour compiling a post that just seemed to dissappear on posting except for the header. Not exactly happy but that’s computers for you. I’ll try and summarise as best as possible to what I’d originally written.

I’ve just spent a fantastic week away in Southport with Combat Stress on a Social Inclusion week. The whole week here has been great, relaxing and we’ll worth the trip.
I’ll now head home and put into practice all that I’ve learned here.
I’ve now moved house away from Aberdeen, which was causing me great problems. I’m now in a nice quiet relaxing farmhouse with all I could wish for except my son. When I was originally blogging back in 2013 I stopped abruptly after my blog was used against me and access to my son was stopped. What was written I still stand by although it was taken way out of context by people who knew me and my whole story. That episode lost me what I thought at the time was good friends, but later realised differently when looked back on the cold light of day. I stopped blogging but I’ve now decided that the benefits to me mentally and physically are worth it. Unfortunately I didn’t realise the extent to which I was being followed online. My Facebook page has now been deleted, as this was being used to gather information, why they were interested in my life and ongoings I’ll not understand. After quiting a job in IT earning £2000pm I took up landscaping with a take home of £3-400 a month. Financial my priorities were my mortgage, council tax, utility bills and food,things like luxuries went, so did TV subscriptions, football tickets, and child maintenance (which dropped from £500pm, to £50, to £5).
In July I’d gone to the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. 3 day pass, VIP all access ticket to pit lanes, paddock and was hosted by Williams Racing in their hospitality building over the 3 days. This allowed me to mix with the drivers, talk with celebrities and even had a nice chat with Bernie Eccleston in the paddock.




The 3 days were fantastic, but the trip was paid for by a Veterans charity, and the tickets were given to us by Bernie Eccleston, and we’re worth around £10,000.
Anyhow after posting my photos on Facebook and returning home it turned out it had been scooped on and questions were asked to my Dad as to how I was there.
It’s obvious people from my past still seem to have an interest in my movements and life but don’t want to express this in any kind of friendship or civil chat, this confuses me greatly as I know they have had similar mental health issues affecting their life, but wish to live with this locked away, just because I find it easier to air mine they take offence.

Anyhow my new house is situated in the countryside, in a beautiful location. One of my stress releivers is naturism. Being able to get away from the fabric of clothing that contains so much social status, standing and stereotyping, and back to a natural state seems to also strip away many of the anxieties and fears I have for life, I’m able to breath easier, relax and enjoy life.


I’m hoping for a healthy 2015, to iron out my problems and get some sorted. Fingers crossed the summer is warm, dry and enjoyable, and I can enjoy as much of it as naked as nature intended.

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