Looking Up

This week has been filled with sporadic episodes of good news. The lift that this gives you internally is beneficial and progresses on to making more good news and lifting your mood. I’ve started something that I should have done 2 years ago, but was talked out of by people who thought they knew better, or had other misguided agendas.  This time it’s going to go all the way, regardless of anyone else’s view. Unfortunately I can’t divulge much more on this but hopefully soon I can.
I had an appointment with my Physiatrist this week, where this issue was raised. The response was it was well overdue and he was delighted on the progress and that I’d done it myself.
My new house has given me a new lease of life without a tarnished history lurking within, my new property, and my new life. This has been credited with me making these bold moves, and standing up for myself.
To top this week off I’m off out on a date tomorrow with a very delightful young lady from South Africa, hopefully things will click and progress. I’ll keep you informed.
Take Care

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