Save a Sea King for Moray

A true treasure that’s save countless lives. One must survive for future in the Moray area.



From inside Moray

Only a few weeks remain during which the iconic yellow Sea King rescue helicopters will be seen in the skies over Moray.

The familiar and much loved aircraft are due to be withdrawn from service at the end of this month to be replaced by a civilian SAR source using Inverness Airport as their main north base.

Morayvia, the group working towards preserving Moray’s rich aviation history, will continue their campaign to obtain one of the aircraft flown from RAF Lossiemouth, with these aspirations on hold until the Ministry of Defence take a decision over how they plan to dispose of the Sea King.

Today insideMoray is delighted to feature the thoughts and memories of BBC Scotland newsreader Sally McNair of the Sea King, and why she believes one of these wonderful aircraft must remain in Moray.

Sally writes: “I first became aware of the significance of…

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