Why do nudists seem so happy?

Clothing Optional

“Why do nudists seem so happy?” That’s the question I am sure a lot of clothed people have about nude people.

Well until I actually became a nudist myself last year, I never understood either. True, I worked as an art model before for money, but I didn’t realize why nudists seem so happy until I actually took the initiative to become one myself.

First of all, just the feeling of being naked is very liberating. When you don’t have shirts, pants or underwear wrapped up around and/or adhering to your body, it is much easier for your skin to breathe. When your skin can breathe, it gives you a “lighter” feeling, which makes you feel free. It’s a lot easier to relax, it’s a great way of relieving stress.

Second, when sex has nothing to do with it, being naked is healthier for your mind. The main people who…

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