Open letter to the Northern Scot on the farewell of the Sea King from RAF Lossiemouth.


This was published in the Nortern Scot by a good friend it is worth a read. I will be blogging on the 30/31 st of March to say Farewell to the RAF Lossiemouth Sea Kings on the 1 st of April

RAF Search & Rescue is slipping into oblivion without a passing thought or a thank you


It was a suitable tribute that the country remembered and said thank you all the servicemen and women for their part in the Afghanistan campaign in St Pauls Cathedral; however, 31st March 2015 marks the start of the end of Royal Air Force Search and Rescue (SAR) within the UK, a proud 74 year record.

RAF Search and Rescue developed during wartime with the aim of rescuing downed airmen and has expanded  over the years to cover all aspects of aviation and many aspects of sea and land rescue ever since, rescuing…

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Boys & Girls, School Showers – update

All Nudist

Originally posted on May 6, 2008  (All-Nudist has MOVED to ALL-NUDIST.COM)

  No, I’m not advocating co-ed showers, so relax (just lost  a bunch of Google porn searchers there.  Off to muddier pastures, guys!).

This is kind of brain twister that has long intrigued me.  Let’s have some fun.

OK, boys and girls shower separately because they might be sexually stimulated by seeing each other nude, right?  So, what if there’s a gay guy in the boy’s shower, shouldn’t he be excluded for that reason?   Same goes for a lesbian in the girl’s shower, right?

So we put the gay guy in with the girls so he isn’t attracted to them but, the girls might enjoy looking at him.  Right again?  Same with the lesbian in the boy’s shower.  Hmm.  Can’t do that.

Now, we can’t put the gay guys together, nor the lesbians, that would NOT be…

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Save a Sea King for Moray

A true treasure that’s save countless lives. One must survive for future in the Moray area.



From inside Moray

Only a few weeks remain during which the iconic yellow Sea King rescue helicopters will be seen in the skies over Moray.

The familiar and much loved aircraft are due to be withdrawn from service at the end of this month to be replaced by a civilian SAR source using Inverness Airport as their main north base.

Morayvia, the group working towards preserving Moray’s rich aviation history, will continue their campaign to obtain one of the aircraft flown from RAF Lossiemouth, with these aspirations on hold until the Ministry of Defence take a decision over how they plan to dispose of the Sea King.

Today insideMoray is delighted to feature the thoughts and memories of BBC Scotland newsreader Sally McNair of the Sea King, and why she believes one of these wonderful aircraft must remain in Moray.

Sally writes: “I first became aware of the significance of…

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8 Reasons You Should Take Your Clothes Off NOW by Jesse Herman

Naturist Holidays in Europe


1) Naked people have more fun
2) Clothes become more fun
3) It’s your natural state
4) You will be healthier
5) Vitamin D
6) Barefoot
7) Improve Fertility
8) It’s not perverted

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B12 deficiency: a silent epidemic with serious consequences

living in stigma

What do all of these diseases have in common?

Answer: they can all mimic the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

B12 deficiency: an invisible epidemic

B12 deficiency isn’t a bizarre, mysterious disease. It’s written about in every medical textbook and its causes and effects are well-established in the scientific literature.

However, B12 deficiency is far more common than most health care practitioners and the general public realize. Data from the Tufts University Framingham Offspring Study suggest that 40 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 83 have plasma B12 levels in the low normal range – a…

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At home clothes free my experience (a female perspective)

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

This is about at home nudism. I just thought to tell my story and wrote my thoughts. I hope you like it.

imageWhen I was a little girl I lived in my home country of Greenland. It’s not a good place for nudists, even with global warming making the ice retreat. So I wrapped myself in many layers of clothes, like everyone did. The clothing was another person on me, so heavy. I didn’t know anything different until I came to Toronto, Canada. My half-sister lived in Toronto with her man and their children. The children were young and they liked to go nude around the house and sometimes go to the country and be naked there. It was strange for me to see them that way, but I saw how happy they were. I was shy but I joined them. I tried being nude outdoors at a forest. We…

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Looking Up

This week has been filled with sporadic episodes of good news. The lift that this gives you internally is beneficial and progresses on to making more good news and lifting your mood. I’ve started something that I should have done 2 years ago, but was talked out of by people who thought they knew better, or had other misguided agendas.  This time it’s going to go all the way, regardless of anyone else’s view. Unfortunately I can’t divulge much more on this but hopefully soon I can.
I had an appointment with my Physiatrist this week, where this issue was raised. The response was it was well overdue and he was delighted on the progress and that I’d done it myself.
My new house has given me a new lease of life without a tarnished history lurking within, my new property, and my new life. This has been credited with me making these bold moves, and standing up for myself.
To top this week off I’m off out on a date tomorrow with a very delightful young lady from South Africa, hopefully things will click and progress. I’ll keep you informed.
Take Care

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